Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting down to business

So, a few weeks ago, while I was sitting around recovering from major surgery and all my friends were already starting on their New Year's resolutions, I was coming up with a plan.  I decided I was going to focus on three major goals this year.  You can read about my 1/10/1 plan here.

I knew the easiest part of the plan for me would be the "getting rid of stuff."  I find purging things so rewarding.  I have been a dedicated de-clutterer for as long as I can remember.  Especially since we moved from our first house in 2009 and realized we have just way too much stuff! I hope after a year of this plan of getting rid of things that don't really have meaning or usefulness we won't have to do these major de-cluttering purges in our house in the future.

So I decided to start with the girls "junk drawer."  It's a place where I put parts of games, miscellaneous toys, etc.

Here's what it looked like before (please pardon the blurry iPhone pics):

Lots of random stuff!

I took everything out and donated a bunch of stuff.  I planned on getting rid of at least 10 things per week and cleaning out this drawer accomplished that quota easily.  

Most of the things I got rid of where "prize" toys that the girls never played with for more that a day after they got them.  I know that is an area we will have to work on this year to stop bringing those things into the house in the first place.  I am not sure how to get other people that contribute to this to understand, but I will have to work on that too.

So here is what the drawer looks like after.  I did let the girls keep the things that I see them play with.  Also, now we can actually see what is in the drawer and grab a few things to take with us if we are going somewhere and I need to make up a small play bag to keep the girls occupied.

So, now for the harder tasks in my plan: Eating healthy and bigger projects!

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