Friday, February 6, 2015

A place to rest

I hate clutter.  Clutter makes me feel sick and constricted and anxious.  However, I don't really want my house to feel sterile and devoid of feeling either.  So, how can I find the balance between crisp and organized and completely minimal?  I think the key is is "resting space."  That is - planned empty surfaces which create a place for your eyes to rest.  It's like the difference between a salon style art gallery and a modern one.  If you give the things you love space to breathe, I think they really show off.  

Here are some examples I found that seem to me the perfect blend between cozy and crisp/uncluttered.

This kitchen is perfect to me.  The colors and and crisp white counters make the space seem light and airy, while the wood beams and table and slip covered cocoa colored stools seem warm and cozy.  Tonal white dishes help the space feel uncluttered.


This sofa area seems like a place I could sit down with a good book.  I like the muted color wall with the pops of red and brown and green.  The mirror collection seems carefully chosen and makes a simple gallery statement.  The rich colors in this space feel so much more cozy to me than bland grays and whites.


Although this space is mostly white tones, the rich wood table, floors and railing really warm the space up.  Industrial style stools help give the space a not too serious feel.


This bedroom has everything I love.  White-washed paneled walls, spool bed, beautiful cozy textures and patterns and muted tones. So perfect.


More muted tones, carefully curated objects, pops of warm color all make this space seem both pristine and comfortable.  I also like the idea of bookcases that display other objects besides books.


The more I find images like these, the more I realize what I truly want to feel when I walk into a room in my home.  I hope as I am working to de-clutter and simplify my own home I can use inspiration like these photos to help keep the coziness too.

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