Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sweaters and Carpal Tunnel...

Back in November my older daughter asked me to knit her a sweater.  I decided to make both girls similar ones to wear for their great grandmother's 90th birthday party (with dresses that my mom made).  One night I knitted for 10 hours straight (until about 3 am) in order to finish them in time.  I think they came out great, but since then I have been having problems with my hand and some wrist pain too.  After a nerve study and an MRI the doctors say it isn't carpal tunnel syndrome.  I still need to go back to for the results of the MRI, but at least no surgery for now... and no knitting either.

The girls with their sweater and dresses on, with "Aunt Margaret" (my cousin...who is Lara Spencer's Doppleganger by the way.)

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