Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lost and found friend...

I have a lost friend from high school that I often think about and wonder how she is doing.

With everyone on facebook these days it seems like you can keep in touch with people worlds away and also friends who are just down the block.  It's nice to "catch up" even if only on the interwebs.

But... this one friend seems to have vanished!  I pride myself in my internet research capabilities (K says I am an expert, and I wish this was a paying position).   I couldn't find a trace of this friend.  No pictures, no info, nada!  This all seemed so strange to me because in high school she had lots of friends (that I am still in touch with) although she was quiet.

Well, today I had a breakthrough.  I found her name, her married name and then her husband's facebook page.  No doubt about it.  It was her.  He had photos with her in them.  I was determined to send him a message and tell him I was her high school friend and I missed her and often wondered how she is doing.  (LIGHTBULB)..... Then I realized maybe she didn't want to be found?!  So I didn't send the message.  What would you do?

(Btw, if we went to high school together you might be wondering about her too, and ps- I am not a was with the best intentions that I wanted to get in touch with this friend again.)

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