Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rugs for the Kitchen: Part 2

After looking online for some kitchen rug inspiration, I went on the lookout (actually I have been on the lookout for awhile, but nothing seemed just right or the right price).  

This is what I found:

The first few I really liked, but I was worried they would be slippery because they didn't have any backing and also they weren't really washable or vacuum able, so not great for the kitchen.  

By the way, if you are a Target shopper, which I obviously am, you need to get the Target RedCard and the Cartwheel app.  RedCard saves you 5% on every purchase and then I usually wait until the things on my wish list (which is just a e-post it that I keep on my phone) go on sale with the app.  Cartwheel is free and super easy to use.  It has saved me quite a bit already! *If you don't like having another credit card you pay with the RedCard and get the 5% off and then go straight to the service desk and pay your balance with cash or check.  It is a bit of extra hassle, but the 5% off is worth it if you shop there a lot!  RedCard also gets you free shipping from Target.com.

@Target $19.99 with 5% off RedCard

@Target I think this one was also $19.99 with 5% off RedCard

I loved this one, but Ken said it hurt his eyes or maybe it was my mom...I forget...

@Target $19.99 with 5% off RedCard

 This one was nice, and vacuum able, but I was afraid the light colored background would get too dirty in my kitchen.

@ Home Goods $29.99

 I actually bought this one because I liked that I could vacuum it and how colorful it was, but once I got it home it really bugged me that the design was "off center" sort of (I know OCD much?!) So, back to Target it went.

@ Target $29.00 with 5% off RedCard and 10%off Cartwheel

 I loved this one!!! I was in the cart ready to go to my house.  I loved the color (red/coral - which I have been bringing into my home as an accent more lately) and sisal/natural fiber mix.  This really was the winner, but for some reason it went back on the shelf.  I think it was because that day I was already over my Target budget and it wasn't washable either :(

@ Target 19.99 with 5% off RedCard and 10% off with Cartwheel

 Then the next week I went to my local Christmas Tree Shoppe for some Easter stuff and this orange-red-peach-yellow striped rug was there for only$6.99, and washable!  This was it.  I like the colors and stripes for spring/summer.  It is a little brighter than what I am used to using, but I think that's good.

I will probably get something a bit nicer when I find that perfect one, but for now this will work just fine.
Now if only we could do something about those countertops and floors!?!  Someday my friends, someday!

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