Friday, May 25, 2012

Studio Tour

My jewelry studio continues to be a work in progress, but it sure has come a long way from what it looked like when we moved in.  Take a look...


Outside of Studio.

Inside of Studio.

AND AFTER............

Entrance to Studio

View of my workbench display case and work table.

Work table and some of my jewelry books.  Below the shelf hangs a vintage butcher store paper roll that I recently found at a yard sale.   It is perfect for pulling out on to the table for sketching out ideas.

View of the back of the studio, rolling mill, anvil, and vise.  The big white storage cabinet is from Ikea and holds tons of random non-metal supplies.  (I keep metal hidden in a safe.)

Workbench and sink area.  I made the curtains from fabric I found on sale at Ikea for $3.00/meter.  They hide other various supplies and equipment.

Soldering area with DIY vent system.

Enamel area, casting area and kilns.

Sink with bucket system - since we don't have running water yet.  This has been such a good system I may not ever install running water.  We just drilled a hole in a plastic bucket and added a spicket.  The sink has a regular drain and drains into another bucket which we empty when full.  This system conserves a lot of water.

All of my hand tools.  Shelves from Ikea, and photos of some of my ancestors.  The top photo is my aunt who was a hat maker and the bottom shows my great grandfather who was an italian stone cutter and owned a construction company. I keep these photos near my workbench because I am inspired by their creativity and dedication.

My messy workbench.  (Tic tac cases are great for beads!)

Idea board.

One of my favorite quotes for the studio!


  1. I would LOVE to create in that studio! Jealous!

  2. Thank you! I do feel blessed to have such a great space to work. I just need to get more time out there uninterrupted!


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