Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, not many people know this, but this time around (my second pregnancy) I gained over 55 pounds.  At +55 I stopped getting on the scale, besides I couldn't see the numbers at that point anyway.  That would have been fine, but my precious little "Pip" as we call her, is now 8 months old and I still have 20 extra pounds to lose...the 20 extra that I never should have gained.   This picture was taken at 35 weeks.  I am starting the weight loss journey again.  I am really hoping this time around it won't take me 2 years to get all the baby weight gone.  Wish me luck!
SO embarrassing... but I figured if I put it out there I will be more motivated ?!

28 weeks

"Pip" on her birthday.

8 months old.


  1. Good job making yourself accountable!!

    I gained about 10lbs too many and I currently have 10lbs just hanging on for dear life.

    I'm in this with you.

  2. Jen..I think you have support from all of us moms, who just try our hardest to make it work. Keep up with the house, keep up with the kids, grocery shop (ugh!!!). It's something I motivate myself to do every few weeks. "I'll get up and workout before work & before the kids wake up..." only to have had interrupted sleep from crying kids in the night, not being able to sleep when my angels sleep soundly, or one kid wakes up too early and throws a morning workout out the window!!! After the kid go to bed??? That sounds do-able until your crazy day unfolds and by 8 o clock all I want is quiet and to sit for a minute... which turns to an hour, which turns into excuse...I'll start tomorrow.... Then I think off the quote..." you said tomorrow.... yesterday..". I'm with b ya Jen. Accountability. I like it! Best to you, and thanks for the motivation! Maybe tomorrow morning the stars will align! :-)


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