Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our sitting room is finally done (and now it's a dining room)!

Our sitting room was a room in our house that never quite felt "right." I posted here about how I planned to brighten up the room and redecorate.

Here's a reminder of what the room looked like before:

It wasn't as "orange" as it looks in this photo...really.

Redecorating it was a slow going process from the white paint fail, to trying to move around the furniture to fit some other way.  Then, one day I was reading this book and I had the idea to switch my sitting room and my dining room area.  The previous owners had used this room as a dining room, but when we moved here we thought it would be good to have a more casual dining area with little kids so we put our dining room table and chairs in our kitchen.

So, I told Ken my idea and even though it meant moving some big furniture he was surprisingly on board.  We moved everything that night.  We loved it from the get go, but I needed to do a few more things to finish both spaces.  They are finally (almost) done so....

Here is our new dining room (that was a sitting room):

This is the only room in the house with the original bead board ceiling, which I love!

This shaker rocker was built from a kit.

In the end we really didn't have to do too much to transform this room and it wasn't too costly either.

Here's what we did:

- painted Valspar's "Pier 14."
- switched out our sitting room furniture with our dining table and chairs and added 2 antique oak T back chairs from my mom (which originally belonged to my great-grandparents).
- added new art (framed paintings by my daughter and photos by a friend).
- new light fixture from here.
- moved our vintage pine cupboard.
- new curtains from here.
- new shaker rocker (kit) from here.

That's it!  Geesh...It only took 6 months!  I will show the actual "new" sitting area next post!

Here's a last before and after:

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