Thursday, April 28, 2016

Make Room Challenge - Week 5: Kitchen

This is the fifth and final week of the Make Room Challenge and this week the task was the kitchen.  Our kitchen is really in pretty good shape already so I basically just spiffed it up a little bit.

I made sure all the surfaces where cleared and things were put away where they needed to be.  I also rearranged a few pictures and things to refresh the space.  

Melissa writes in her book, Make Room For What You Love, about having daily tasks that help over time to build into basic habits that make it that much easier keep things in order.  I guess I have always done that but I didn't really think about it until reading the book.  I try to take time to pick up as I go along which means no need for all day clean ups!  

Here is what my kitchen looked like today:

The large double doors hide our laundry center and the next door is our bathroom (not the best location, but I hope to change that someday).  The door in the corner by the refrigerator is the pantry.

I love our pantry!  I will share more on the inside of it tomorrow.

Our kitchen is open to our sitting area (with a loft above - where I hang quilts) and dining room which I think is great when we are working in there and the kids are playing.

So, that's my farmhouse kitchen.  I hope to do some minor updates to it at some point (like real granite counters, etc) but for now just having it clean and organized feels great!  Be sure to check out the Make Room Challenge and Melissa's book Make Room For What You Love and thanks for following along on my progress. I plan to keep sharing my projects as I go so stay tuned.  


  1. Your home is so pretty and inviting! Did you put in the barn doors to the laundry and pantry or were they already in your house? I would love to change out my counter top and update a few things in my kitchen too. But you are right, just cleaning and tidying it up makes it feel like a great space!

    1. Thank you Emily! The doors where here when we moved in. The previous owners had a very similar style to ours, which I guess is why we loved the house. Isn't it amazing how things like clearing off your kitchen counters makes it feel so much cleaner and even bigger?!

  2. What pics did you rearrange? Love that pic of little lady!

    1. Sarah - I just moved the picture that was above our microwave to our upstairs bathroom and I put a picture that was in our room above the microwave. I also moved the felt flowers that were on our microwave to the buffet cabinet.


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