Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, not many people know this, but this time around (my second pregnancy) I gained over 55 pounds.  At +55 I stopped getting on the scale, besides I couldn't see the numbers at that point anyway.  That would have been fine, but my precious little "Pip" as we call her, is now 8 months old and I still have 20 extra pounds to lose...the 20 extra that I never should have gained.   This picture was taken at 35 weeks.  I am starting the weight loss journey again.  I am really hoping this time around it won't take me 2 years to get all the baby weight gone.  Wish me luck!
SO embarrassing... but I figured if I put it out there I will be more motivated ?!

28 weeks

"Pip" on her birthday.

8 months old.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Found objects...hankies

I love going to yard sales and estate sales and searching for treasures.  Now that the yard sale season has begun I am very excited.  I went to an estate sale with my mom last week and we picked up these wonderful, colorful hankies, $2. for all of them.  We would rather use these instead of wasteful paper tissues...wouldn't you?

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