Thursday, June 30, 2016

Porch Project Update

As you may remember from this post, last year we had to tear the stone off our porch skirting due to the winter ice cracking the foundation.  So, we were left with trying to decided what do replace it with.

I wanted something with a traditional farmhouse feeling, but not lattice.  We looked around our neighboring towns at houses built around the same time as ours (1880-ish) and decided on simple thin strips of wood with a wide trim around them.

We kind of worked it out as we went.

Here's what it looked like in progress:

After looking things over we realized we needed to replace the wood that wrapped around each post on the top part of the porch.  The original builders used Hardy Board which I guess is great in most applications but not meant to be placed close to horizontal surfaces that can get wet, and our porch does get pretty wet sometimes due to the direction of the weather.  So, the posts were completely rotted at the bottom. 

After about 4 days of just Ken and I working part time (I got to be the official cut girl and work the circular saw) we got everything rebuilt and the railings back on.

Then we were told it's best to let pressure treated wood sit for about a year before you paint it.  So, it sat like this since October.

This is where we were at a few weeks ago.  I have started caulking and filling all the nail and screw holes and I got a coat of primer and paint on the side porch (below).  Now I need to get going on the front porch and then decide how we want to paint the skirting slats.  The skirting paint might have to wait until fall when I can trim the plants back to reach it.

Things are slowly moving forward around here, but at least they are moving again.  We are also working on our back patio area and new pool area as well as waiting to have our new driveway installed.  Lots going on around here and enjoying summer too!  Thanks for following along.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vintage Eclectic Chairs

Hello friends! I am back today after a month of being super busy with multiple projects happening at once (porch, pool, patio, etc. etc.) and the kids end of school year events.

While I have been busy with outdoor projects, I am always thinking about my decor indoors and what projects I hope to do when the weather gets cooler.  I would love to do some small updates in my kitchen and dining room.  Despite the fact that we just redid the dining room it could use a few tweaks.  I mean, let's face it, even when you try to plan everything there is always something you think of later once the room is really being used.

I would love to get some old/new dining room chairs.  I currently have 4 of a kind danish spindle chairs that I bought years ago unfinished and painted them myself.  The other two oak t-back chairs are from my great grandparents dining room set.  I would love a few more chairs to mix in when we extend our table for parties and holidays.  We can easily seat 10 people so we would need at least 4 more chairs.

Personally, I am not a fan of matchy-match furniture.  The more eclectic the better, so searching for vintage makes sense.  That's where Chairish comes in.  It's an online marketplace for vintage designer furniture and decor items!  You can find so many great items there, like these dining chairs.

Here are some of the chairs I found on Chairish:

This option is funky and I like the mid-century vibe.

I am not sure the color of these is quite right for my space, but how cool are they?!

These are similar to the chairs I have.

Super simple, yet funky.  These would be awesome reupholstered with mustard colored print fabric.

These feel like a sort of classic take on mid-century mod.  I would love to see these with dark 2 tone upholstery.

Love, love, love these old farmhouse chairs! The fact that each one is a different chippy paint color is just perfect!!

Another mid-century mod option.  These are so cool!

There are so many great choices available at Charish!  It really makes it hard to decide.

Here's some idea of what I envision:

Farmhouse Chairs  //  Valspar Pier 14 Paint  //  Atwell Pendant Light  //  Black Spindle Chair  //  Mali Tribal Indigo Blues Pillow  //  Kazak Fabric Pillow  //  Mulberry Tree Art  //  Taza Table Lamp

If you are in the market for anything cool and vintage check out Charish and I will hopefully be back in the next few days/weeks to post some long overdue updates on the many projects we have been working on outdoors!

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