Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do over

Sometimes you just need a "do over." The last few months have been one of those times for me. The long cold northern winters seem to really throw me off course.

I had a plan to accomplish a bunch of projects around the house and de-clutter everything, all while getting fit and focusing on my health at the same time.

So, in the spirit of keeping it real...I have had some major FAILS in the last few months.

Here are just a few:

*After working on an update/room makeover to our sitting room since November, I decided on a whim to switch our sitting room and dining room altogether and even though I love the change, it changed our plan a little bit, so neither space has yet to be finished!  When they are I will post photos.

Here's a peak at the new dining room that was a sitting room.

*My projects have been very slow going and although I have TONS of ideas every single day I rarely ever get much done.  It seems like I have a bunch of things started but nothing finished. (It may have something to do with the amount of energy required to entertain a certain 3 year old, but that will only be the case for so long so I plan to relish it while it lasts).

Partially woven shaker rocker that was one of my Christmas presents (it did have to be put together so that took a while too).

*I have only lost two pounds since February! Ugh. Not. Good.  Well, actually I lost five, but gained three back....ooops.  Kind of the way my life step forward two steps back.

I think I need to make a list of priorities and just try to get one thing DONE before moving on to another (I am kind of crazy like that and have a hard time focusing.)  Because one thing I know for sure: Spring is coming (finally!!) and the outdoor projects and lawn mowing and gardening with be the only things we will be working on for a while.

And now I think am going to go order this light fixture, so we can finish our dining room that was once a sitting room.

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