Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sky in the country

I live in the country and I grew up in the country....and I mean really rural farm country.  I am drawn to open space like a moth is drawn to a flame.  I have lived in the city and the suburbs, and they too have their advantages.  However, there is some kind of mysterious quiet history in the air and soil of the open land that seems to call to me with unspoken words.  I have never been one to like living too close to anyone else.  I guess it's like being a hermit in some ways, because open space affords a sense of privacy and quietude.

Besides if I didn't live in the rural country I would never be able to see these beautiful views:

Late winter sunset.

Fog and the old Oak across from my house.

Spring rainbow.
This was the field across the road.  It was wheat and corn with a trail in between.  It made a wonderful place to take a walk in the summer.

This photo shows our farmhouse from the middle of the corn field across the road.

Moon rise from my porch.

This is a photo of Lake Ontario from the road around the corner.  I love how the lake in the background looks higher than the street and the bridge.

Looking out from my driveway this fall...there was a double rainbow, although it was gone by the time I took this photo.

Sunset from my back yard.

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