Friday, April 29, 2016

When we bought this house almost 7 years ago we first came for a showing and I remember walking into the kitchen and seeing no upper cabinets or shelves and thinking where do I put all the food?!  And then we opened the pantry door.

We are so fortunate to have a walk-in pantry.  It stores all of our food and dry goods and we do a lot of canning so it provides room to store preserved foods as well.

For this week of the Make Room Challenge I gave my pantry a little bit of attention.  I took some before photos but they got deleted by accident ...oops!

Oh well.  Here is a "tour" of my pantry:

Let's start with the dutch door! It is so nice because the top half of the pantry is our spice rack so we can reach in and get what we need.  Plus, my helper likes it for playing pretend!

Inside the pantry we have lots of shelves for what we need.  In Melissa's book she writes about having different zones for different purposes and my pantry is organized with that idea in mind.  We also keep snacks within reach so the kids can help themselves more easily.

We keep our canning jar lids on a long dowel (to the right on the photo below) that is attached to the wall with a pipe clip.  I may post a tutorial on that if anyone is interested.  It keeps them very organized and they take up less space that way.

Lots of empty jars right now.  But once the garden is in and producing we fill them up with pickles, tomatoes, beets, etc.

That's it.  That's our pantry.  I love it and whenever I open it I am thankful that we have it.  

I plan to post a recap of the Make Room Challenge next week so please check back in and if you have been following along with your own projects let me know in the comments how you have been doing in your house!  Have a great weekend!

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